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An Official Neighborhood Association for the City of Minneapolis.

Cedar Riverside Community Council (CRCC) works in close partnership with our constituents to improve access to resources and opportunities that help our community members make progress where they say it’s most needed. Cedar Riverside residents, businesses, workers, students, nonprofits, and large institutions share their vision and passion to raise up neighborhood priorities and identify solutions. 

CRCC and its many partners are able to leverage city funds, charitable giving, foundation and government grants, and community assets to deliver programs and resources to address community identified priorities.

Since 2008, when it incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, CRCC has directed more than $1.75 million toward diverse initiatives including: community outreach, housing development, education programming, youth opportunities, eldercare, healthcare, safety issues, immigrant support, parks and green spaces, electoral forums, business assistance, community development, and neighborhood beautification.

We All Live Here!  Join Us and Help the CRCC Set Future Priorities!


October 8, 2020 – Thank you to all community members who attended the special meeting / listening session on 10/7 – after a few technical glitches CRCC was able to hear from all participants and address any questions or comments submitted.

Fifteen (15) members of the community joined us for this ‘Special Meeting’ online.

If you were unable to join us – the CRCC will make time in our agenda at the beginning of our next Regular Meeting – scheduled for Wednesday, November 4, 2020 – for anyone who was unable to join us to share there comments or questions for the CRCC Board.

Again, we appreciate your participation and look forward to good things happening in the neighborhood in 2021!

September 23, 2020 – At the request of the community, The President of the Board of Directors of Cedar Riverside Community Council through this notice calls a special meeting at the same date and time as its next regularly scheduled Board Meeting.

In compliance with Minn. Stat. 317A regarding special meetings, this notice contains the purpose of the meeting and the specific agenda, which by law must be set through this notice.

Meeting Information

Date: Wednesday, October 7, 2020
Time: 6:00PM – 7:30PM
Location: Virtually via Zoom Webinar
Moderator: This meeting is hosted in collaboration with League of Women Voters Minneapolis and will be moderated and supported by their volunteers and staff.

Purpose & Agenda of Meeting

This special meeting is called for the specific purpose of hearing from eligible voting members of Cedar Riverside Community Council about their questions and concerns and to provide an opportunity to for the voting members to sit with leadership of CRCC regarding recent events. This listening and information session is the sole purpose of the special meeting. No business or voting will be at the meeting.

Meeting Registration

CRCC hosts virtual meetings over Zoom. Pre-registration is required. Registrants will be able to log in to the meeting. This meeting, like our regular meetings will be open to the public.

However, eligible voting members will be given priority registration since the virtual meeting platform allows for a limited number of participants per meeting.

In the event we have more registrations than available seats, CRCC will schedule an additional date for a special meeting for the same purpose to accommodate all eligible voting members who want to participate.

How to Register

• To register by phone please call 612.338.5578 at CRCC. Please leave a message, including your preferred language for follow up, name (please spell it out for us), phone number, email address, and any questions you might have.

• To register online navigate to


October 29, 2020 – As required by the By-Laws, The President of the Board of Directors of Cedar Riverside Community Council through this notice calls the Annual Meeting for the purpose of electing open Board of Director seats, as well as ask the membership to approve amendments to the CRCC By-Laws. 

To be as inclusive as possible and to encourage members to participate in the Annual Meeting during the State of Minnesota and City of Minneapolis, “COVID-19 Emergency Declaration(s)” – the CRCC Board and Executive Committee has exercised its emergency authority to encourage and facilitate as much as possible membership participation for the CRCC Annual Meeting.  

1) Make provisions and work with a nonpartisan partner (the League of Women Voters Minneapolis) to provide for a secure, online member registration and voting system and/or process to facilitate member participation and voting in the “CRCC Annual Meeting’s Board Elections and Recommended CRCC By-Law Updates”.

2) Make provisions and work with a nonpartisan elections partner (LWVM) to provide for a telephone-based Registration Call-in Center and process that is STAFFED by individuals who can serve our neighborhood’s English, Somali, and Oromo speakers.

3) Ensure that Registration Call-in Center will also serve those members who DO NOT have technology or internet access to register or participate in the CRCC Annual Meeting.  The Registration Call-in Center will begin Friday, December 11th through Tuesday, December 15th from 9:00AM to 5:00PM and contact information will be published here no later than Friday, December 11th. 


4) Make provisions to expand the length of the Annual Meeting from  two (2) hours to four (4) hours and work with the appropriate State, City, and our independent election partners to identify an “in-person option” if at all possible – understanding it may not be possible give the COVID Crisis.


5) Extend the deadline to file as a candidate for the Board (from December 1st to December 6th); and, 


6) Extend the deadline for members to register per the CRCC By-Laws as ‘members of record’ to participate in online and in-person voting (from December 1st to December 11th).


Please Note: The CRCC is striving to make provision for a traditional in-person registration and voting process at the Brian Coyle Center if possible – but this could ONLY if occur if it is agreed among our election partners that we can ensure that voters experience a safe, socially distant, mask-required environment and process.  It may not be possible to accommodate ANY in-person participation or voting – but please to check this CRCC website for any updates on this matter.

Annual Meeting Information

Date: Wednesday, December 16, 2020
Time: 3:30PM – 7:30PM
Location: Brian Coyle Center & Online Voting
Partners:This meeting is hosted in collaboration with League of Women Voters Minneapolis and will be supported by their volunteers and staff.  All voter identities and eligibility will be determined prior to allowing a voter to obtain a ballot.

Open Seats: Seven (7) seats will be up for election in 2020 – they are:
Two (2) Business Director seats; One (1) Cedars District seat; Two (2) Riverside Plaza District seats; One (1) Seven Corners District seat; and, One (1) Student Director seat.

View Current Board of Directors and Terms 
View CRCC’s Voting District Map  


Join the Board of Directors! To qualify as a candidate for our annual board election, here’s what you need:

• Demonstrate you are a member of our community with appropriate ID and documentation, as defined in our bylaws; and

• Complete, sign and return a board member application by mail, in person, or by email no later than 11:59PM on Sunday, December 6, 2020*. 

*To ensure ALL candidates are treated fairly, transparently, and consistently the CRCC requires ALL candidates meet this deadline standard – and agree to all other requirements in order to serve.THE OFFICIAL DEADLINE WAS EXTENDED FROM TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1ST TO SUNDAY, DECEMBER 6TH – AND DUE TO MULTIPLE ELECTION CONSTRAINTS, NO FURTHER EXTENSIONS CAN OCCUR. This deadline requirement is in place to allow for sufficient time to verify candidate eligibility; ensuring election integrity; ensuring candidate transparency and fairness; voter education and announcements; production of official ballots for each district/caucus; and, for other election related purposes.

Applications can be delivered to Brian Coyle Center via U.S. mail, email, or in person by appointment with staff.

Here’s the mailing/contact info:
Cedar Riverside Community Council
420 15th Ave S
Minneapolis MN 55454
Attn: Annual Elections

Staff phone contact info: 612-338-5578
English and Somali Other languages by request


Per the CRCC By-Laws, a post card communication to the membership was sent announcing the Annual Meeting.  We are providing the Member Announcement here online as well.

Please join us for the Cedar Riverside Community Council annual meeting and board election on Wednesday, December 16, 2020 from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Brian Coyle Center (420 15th Ave S, Minneapolis 55454).


CRCC has expanded voting hours and is offering remote and socially distanced in person voting to encourage your safe participation.

To register and vote at the meeting, or to vote remotely, provide a Minnesota driver’s license, Minnesota ID card, or some form of residency verification that shows you live in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood. Those who can verify they work, own property or a business in our neighborhood, or attend Augsburg University, or the University of Minnesota are also eligible to vote.

To run for a seat on our board, fill out a board member application and email, or deliver it to the CRCC office by December 6 by 11:59 p.m.

To vote remotely, please register online no later than 11:59PM, Friday, December 11, 2020.

For all information and questions, please call our office at 612-338-5578 or email CRCC staff at:

Maaloo nuu irraa hin hafinaa Cedar Riverside hawasni bakka-bu’aa isaani guyyaa filaatani fi walga’ii waggatti adeemsifamuu deemudha. Guyya gaafa Roobi December 16, 2020 sa’aatii 3:30 P.M. hanga – 7:30 P.M. Iddon isaa Brain Coyle Community yookin address isaas 420 15th Ave S, Minneapolis, 55454.


CRCC sanganta. yeroo fillannoo itti dabalani jirran fi fageenya irraa issin gargaruu aksumas yeroo achi deemtan qaman haala fagenyaa egameen filaanno gonaa sababni fayya kenyaa fi kessan eggsisuuf.


Gala’amuudhaf fi filachuudhaf walga’ii tan irratii wanntooni barbachisaan kessaa murasni, Minnesota driver’s license, Minnesota ID kardii, yookiin waraqaa raggaa akka nannoo kan jiratan mirkaneessuu fiduu qabdu.


Isaan warra daldaltoota nannoo kan tahanii fi warra qabeenya nannoo kanatii qaban yookin barratoota mana barumsaa Augsburg University deemani fi University Minnesota deeman fillanno filachuu ni danda’uu.


Bordii kenyaaf yookin tessodhaf yoo figuu barbadan, miseensaa bordii iyyannoo guttaa fi karaa imeelitin yookin CRCC fiduu dandessuu guyyaa Roobii, December 6, sa’aatii 11:59 P.M.


Manaa filannoo yoo godhuu hedan, galamahtii garuu guyyaa 11:59 PM, December 6 gadi tahuu hin qabuu.


Odeeffanno hundaa argachuu fi gaafii yoo qabatan kara toraa. website kenyaatin nuu qunamuu ni dandeessuu, lakkofsi. bilbilaa birroo kenyaa. 612-338-5578, yookin Imeelin CRCC Staff at: nuu quna’amuu dandeessuu.

Fadlan nagala soo qaybgal kulanka sanadlaha ah ee Golaha Bulshada ee Cedar Riverside iyo doorashada golaha maalinta Arbacada, Diseembar 16, 2020 laga bilaabo 3:30 pm ilaa 7:30 pm Xarunta Brian Coyle (420 15th Ave S, Minneapolis 55454).


CRCC waxay balaarisay saacadaha codbixinta waxayna bixineysaa qof meel fog in laga soo codeeyo iyo mid iyada oo kala fogaanshaha bulshada la adeegsanayo si loo dhiiri geliyo ka qeybgalkaaga ammaan ah.

Si aad isugu diiwaangeliso oo aad u codeyso kulanka, ama si aad mee l fog uga soo codeyso, keen liisanka darawalnimada ee Minnesota, kaarka Aqoonsiga Minnesota, ama nooc ka mid ah caddeynta deganaanshaha oo muujinaya inaad ku nooshahay xaafadda Cedar Riverside. Dadka xaqiijin kara inay ka shaqeeyaan, ku leeyihiin hanti ama ganacsi xaafaddeena, ama dhigta Jaamacadda Augsburg, ama Jaamacadda Minnesota ayaa iyaguna xaq u leh inay codeeyaan.

Si aad ugu tartanto kursi ka mid ah guddigeena, soo buuxi arjiga xubinka guddiga oo email ku soo dir, ama u keen xafiiska CRCC ugu dambayn 11:59PM, Diseembar 6 illaa.

Si aad uga soo codeyso meel fog, fadlan iska diiwaangeli khadka
internetka ugu dambeyn Axadda, Diseembar 6.

Dhammaan macluumaadka iyo su’aalaha, fadlan booqo websaytkeena,, soo wac xafiiskeena 612-338-5578, ama email u dir shaqaalaha CRCC:

Registration Call-In Center: Register by Telephone

• The Registration Call-in Centerwill open officially Friday, December 11th through Tuesday, December 15th from 9:00AM to 5:00PM and contact information will be published here no later than Friday, December 11th.  Members are welcome to call the number below prior to get more information and registration assistance.

• To register by phone please call 612.338.5578 at CRCC. Please leave a message, including your preferred language for follow up, name (please spell it out for us), phone number, email address, and any questions you might have.

• A member of the Registration Call-In Center will contact you and enter your information into the online registration on your behalf.  You MUST still provide ALL required information in order to be verified to be an eligible member even using the telephone registration system.


Registration Online System: Register by Secure Online Form

• Follow the link below to complete the online registration form.  The form is currently available in English and Somali.  Updated Somali and Oromo language forms will be made available as soon as possible.


The CRCC Board of Directors approved (by a 2/3 majority vote of the Board) the following By-Law updates and is asking the membership – as required by the CRCC By-Laws – to approve them by providing a two-thirds (2/3) vote in support of the recommendations.

Because there no longer is another organization performing the same mission as the CRCC and because of the expressed membership concern about this by-law, the Board voted to ask the membership to REMOVE, Subsection D, Section 14, Article V of the By-Laws.  See below for exact language.

Because all CRCC Monthly Board and Annual Meetings are open to everyone in the community (and take place at 6:00PM the first Wednesday of every month at the Brian Coyle Center – and in 2020, online via Zoom to avoid in-person meetings as recommended by the city and state), the CRCC Board voted to increase the threshold for members that wish to call a ‘special membership meeting’ by requiring any such members to consult all membership districts and caucuses in order to call a ‘Special Membership Meeting’.  This recommended update will encourage petitioners to have broad support in every district and caucus to petition for a ‘special meeting’.  The Board is asking the membershipREVISE, ARTICLE IV ANNUAL MEETING OF THE CORPORATION, Section 5. Special Meetings of the Members. See below for exact language.


The CRCC By-Laws require a 2/3 vote of the voting membership at the Annual Meeting to be approved.  These updates will appear on each eligible members ballot on the date of the Annual Meeting and will require membership approval in order to be implemented.  

Below are the two (2) By-Law Updates for the 2020 Annual Meeting.  These updates will appear on eligible member Annual Meeting ballots in 2020 – and members will be asked vote YES (to approve) or NO (to NOT approve) the recommend CRCC By-Law update.



CRCC | Emergency Community Response Team

HOTLINE: (401) 285-9247

-or- email us:

If you are being affected by the Covid-19 State of Emergency – the Neighborhood can help you.  Please call the ‘Community Response Team’ – if you need any assistance during this time.

CRT Volunteers are available to:  Run Short Errands, Pickup Groceries, Provide Meal Delivery and Meals – and other tasks that our Elders, Immunocompromised, and Isolated Neighbors may need during this time. 

Hotline Hours: Monday – Sunday / 9AM to 6PM

Haddii uu nolol maalmeedkaaga carqaladeeyo fayraska Covid-19, waanu ku caawin karnaa. Fadlan wac khadkeena taleefanka ‘Kooxda Jawaabcelinta Bulshada’ haddii aad u baahantahay wax gargaar inta lagu jiro waqtigan.

Tabarucayaasha CRT ayaa diyaar u ah inay: soo qabashada hawlaha adeeg gaaban, soo iibiyaan cuntada, in ay ku siiyaan cunto/cunto u keenis, iyo inay kugu caawiyaan howlaha kale ee dadka waaweyn, iyo dadka naafada ah, ama dadka qaba xaaladaha caafimaad ee horey u jiray, ama caqabado kale oo xagga jirka ama dhaqaalaha ah ay u baahan karaan caawinaad inta lagu gudajiro wakhtigan.

Noo reeb farriintaada annaga kasta. Wicitaanada waxaa la soo celiyaa Isniinta – Axadda / 9AM illaa 6PM.

Fadlan noo reeb magacaaga, taleefan nambarkaaga, iyo su’aalahaaga, codsigaaga, ama wixii aad ka welwelsantahay. Waxaan kugu soo celin doonaa taleefanka sida ugu dhaqsaha badan.



The Shared Neighborhood Calendar

This Calendar is the result of the collaborative communications of the ‘Cedar Riverside Neighborhood Leadership Forum’.

Want to add your event or information to the shared calendar?

Learn How to Participate and call 612-338-5578 →

Neighborhood Calendar

Join Your Cedar-Riverside Neighbors at these Important Community Organization Events & Programs.

november 2020

04nov6:00 pm7:30 pmCedar-Riverside Community CouncilCRCC Monthly Meeting

december 2020

16dec6:00 pm8:30 pmAnnual Member MeetingCRCC Annual Meeting

january 2021

No Events

february 2021

No Events

Download all events as ICS file

Covid-19 Emergency:
Notices, News, and Important Announcements.

The latest coronavirus news updated regularly including MDH coronavirus updates, the latest related community news, features and interviews from CRCC Staff – and essential information about the Covid-19 pandemic.  We post latest news as often as possible.



COVID-19 Fear & Stigma in Somali Community

Dr. Aden Roble
CEO/Somali Medical Association of America



Posted by XIDIG TV on Thursday, May 21, 2020

Official COVID-19 Virus News.

Official COVID-19 Virus News.

Official COVID-19 Virus News.

Community News, Notices, Information, and Forums.

The latest CRCC news, upcoming meeting agendas, important community forums, city information, organizational events, and more here.

Neighborhood News!

Cedar-Riverside News & Updates.

CANCELLED – Neighborhood Resources Meeting – March 29, 2020

Neighborhood News

We need to hear your voice to help us make important decisions about how to spend neighborhood resources. Sunday, March 29, 2020 from 5:00... Read More → CANCELLED – Neighborhood Resources Meeting – March 29, 2020

A Center of Higher Education and Community Learning.

A Neighborhood with an Amazing Tradition of Community Service and Activism.

Together, We Are Better and Stronger!

Join Us! Learn How to Particpate →

Another Proud City of Minneapolis Neighborhood Association

The CRCC exists to serve the Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood specifically – our mission is to serve the residents, businesses, workers, and youth who live and experience our neighborhood every single day.

The CRCC is proud to be recognized by the City of Minneapolis as the official neighborhood organization giving VOICE to these neighborhood constituencies.

Who’s Eligible to be a Member?
Natural persons are eligible for membership in the corporation who are sixteen(16) years of age or older and can demonstrate: 

(a) residency by producing a Minnesota driver’s license, Minnesota identification card or other residency verification of individual residence within the Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood (“the Neighborhood”) as defined by the City of Minneapolis, or proof of enrollment at an accredited school located within the neighborhood, or 

(b) proof of ownership or interest in a business or lease of a business or real property, or proof of being employed by a nonprofit organization, business, or government entity located in the Neighborhood, or 

(c) who resides within the geographic boundaries of a the Neighborhood or meets membership criteria but lacks the documentation required, but a member who has the required documentation identified in (a) or (b) above vouches for the individual.

How to I become a recognized Member?
Eligible persons shall be accepted into membership by attending an Annual Meeting, by contacting the corporation in writing, by attending a meeting of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) or signing in at a committee meeting or at an event or festival, or by other mechanisms established by resolution of the Board. 

Members shall have the right to vote as individuals at Annual Meetings in accordance with Article IV Sec. 1 and at Special Meetings of Members in accordance with Article IV Sec. 5. 

No dues shall be required for membership or exercise of membership rights. Only persons who are members of record as of at least ten (10) days prior may vote at a meeting of members.

Become a Member of the Cedar-Riverside Community Council!

And Make a Difference!

Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood student, resident, and business members are the heart of our community. Our members are a valuable resource for our fast-growing, fast-paced neighborhood.

Our neighborhood relies on our registered members and volunteers for everything from staffing special event, such as ‘West Bank Fest’ and ‘West Bank Earth Day’ Events, to assist staff and the greater community.

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